Posted by: Jim Wardle | September 12, 2013

Day 8 – Sept 12th – Day 2 of Running

Today we did a continuous warmup followed up by 20-25min of running on the same course as Tues.

When you got back you were to work on something in your fitness testing that you aren’t good at. 

Posted by: Jim Wardle | September 12, 2013

Day 7 – Sept 11th – Big Lifts Training

Today we learning how to do squats, bench and deadlifts.

Warmups were:

sissy squats:
ingle leg squats to the front and back:
and slow single leg calf raises

Here is a handout on the big lifts. It has cleans on it as well which we will be doing later: (handout #3)

Posted by: Jim Wardle | September 12, 2013

Day 6 – Sept 10th – Running Day

Today our warm up was the dumbbell matrix (found here:

Then we did a 20-25min out and back run along the river path. It was super hot so make sure to rehydrate

Finally we did some easy plank core exercises with 30s on each side (front, L, R, and back)

Posted by: Jim Wardle | September 12, 2013

Day 5 – Sept 9th – Speed and Agility #1

Today we did our Monday skipping warmup for 3min, then our first speed and agility workout followed by an anaerobic finisher of 8 burpies per min for 10min.

The drills were:

Forward and Around X2
Forward, Back, Side Shuffle and Around X2 R and L
Lateral Shuffles

A to G single Leg Drawing Hops

Posted by: Jim Wardle | September 4, 2013

Days 2-4 – Sept 4th-6th – Fitness Testing

Today we worked on the start of our fitness testing. This will be going on the rest of the week and we will be doing the following tests: (Handout #2 on this page)

Most of them are pretty straight forward but the following maybe new to you

Underhand Front Heave:

Sled Push:

5, 10, 5 Drill:

Illinois Drill:

Posted by: Jim Wardle | September 3, 2013

Day 1 – Sept 3 – Welcome to PAF 4O1

Today we went through the first day handout, course overview and did a brief look at the main muscles of the body that you are expected to know in this course.

Handouts can be found here:

Posted by: Jim Wardle | September 28, 2012

TRX Intro

Today we tried out the TRXs for the first time. It is a very different but none the less challenging way of training.

The 2 challenges that we worked on as well as a combo challenge can be found here:

All of the TRX exercises with video examples can be found at the bottom of this page:

Posted by: Jim Wardle | September 17, 2012

Run Day #3

Today we went out on the 5km race course. It was your first time out there so walk/run was still a  big part for a lot of people. We cut off the little extra loop around Elson and ended in the park so most people went 3-4.5km.

Here is the actual race loop that we will be using in 4-5 on race day.

Posted by: Jim Wardle | September 14, 2012

Challenge Day

Today you had several options of what to do in the weight room.

The Med Ball Challenge

The Swiss Ball Challenge

The Body Weight Challenge

Complete one you haven’t done yet. All the challenge handouts are posted here:

Posted by: Jim Wardle | September 13, 2012

Run Day #2

Today we went out for 4.8-5.9km depending on the route you picked with Ms Craigs class.

Here is a map of the shorter route. The longer one went around Cole as well.



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